Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: January 12, 2009 12:38 PM

Why do you call it The Mushroom Grove?

When Max and Zoe were about three or four years old I began telling them a bedtime story each night before bed. This made it easy to convince them to go to bed since they really enjoyed listening to the stories. Those stories were set in an imaginary world called The Mushroom Grove. The world started out being a hidden cave in the backyard that Max and Zoe (and now Abby) would have many adventures in. This cave was filled with a forest of giant mushrooms, hence the name. The adventures involved different talking animals, beautiful fairies, huge trees, etc.

The story is still being told to this day and I have forgotten more of the adventures than I remember. It is a challenge to come up with a website address that both represents your family and is easy to remember, but my wife and I agreed that fits the bill nicely.

The website looks a little weird.

First of all, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, then I can't really help you other than recommend that you get a better browser. I have to support that pile crap in my day job, but I'm not going to do it here. At least upgrade to version 7.0 which is free. But, I really recommend Firefox.

If you are not using Internet Explorer 6.0, then use the Contact page, to give me details of the problem.

What about privacy? What about the wierdos out there?

It is impossible to be totally private in today's world and still be a functioning member of society. That being said, I have taken some steps and can take many more if I feel the need. You'll notice the family name is not being used anywhere on the site, I have taken a few modest steps to make sure it doesn't accidently appear in the comments. We also won't be posting information that can easily reveal where we live though we know that most of the readers probably already know.

If we receive unwelcome attention, I can take more steps that might include a password protected section or if necessary the entire site.

How did you make this website, what service did you use?

I am a computer programmer by trade. So I did this all myself. The details are probably boring for most, but I wrote it all from scratch. It uses Java server pages (jsp) where dynamic content is needed (comments) and stores all data in a PostgreSQL database. The site is hosted by on a VPS (virtual private server) which runs linux and administrated by me. If you are curious about more details let me know.