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Zoe - Manager of Artwork and Design

Six Years Old

Though born mere moments after her brother Max, Zoe's accomplishments are definitely her own. Ever since she could properly hold a pencil she has been writing and drawing. Before she knew how to read she had dictated her first short story to her mother and illustrated herself. "Queen Beauty" it is called and quite a masterpiece.

Five Years Old

Zoe also has a unique grasp of language that has given us all a few chuckles. When she was just old enough to speak she name too small doll "Hoomp-cha-lee" and "Hoomp-cha-low".

Four Years Old We still talk about those dolls. Some other unique Zoe-isms are "Taco tongue", the phrase she uses for a curled tongue. "Man-Ranch" is the phrase she uses for Newman's Own salad dressings because the picture of the man on the bottle. We are looking forward to other phrases she comes up with.

Four Years Old

Zoe is all girl. She loves dolls and clothes and her hair up in fancy styles. With a laid back and fun-loving attitude we are sure to have lots of things to talk about when Zoe is involved.

Three Years Old

Two Years Old

One Year Old

Before One Year Old