05/22/09 12:00 AM


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Sam - Chief of Mischief Production

One Year Old

Sam is an adventure. He has achieved in the space of two years what it took the other three kids four years. As a small example, climbing; he climbed up the ladder into the attic, he climbed a chain link fence, he has climbed onto the table, all before the age of two. This of course has put a few wrinkles on the brow of his parents.

In essence, Sam is fearless. He shows an incredible lack of concern for his own self preservation. This means of course that trouble follows Sam. He has more bruises scrapes and bumps than the other three combined. He does share something in common with all our children, cuteness. He has a quick smile and infectious laugh that makes it all the more difficult to discipline him for his constant antics.

Before One Year Old

Sam is quite fond of things that are mechanical or run on electricity. He is constantly dragging out the vacuum and plugging it in. Speaking of plugging things in, he once burned himself after dragging out the curling iron and plugging it into the wall and switching it on. He is the only one of the four to have been shocked by electricity, he figured out the child safety covers on the outlets by the time he was 18 months old.

As you can see, the title fits and Sam wears it proudly.