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Max - Chief Production Assistant

Six Years Old

Max has been on staff here since 2002 and in that time has too many contributions to list here in this brief bio. His growth as an individual has been fun to watch. From his first steps and his first words to his astoundingly quick grasp of reading. Rachel, the education minister here at the Mushroom Grove, could only shake her head at the alarming rate at which he digested the reading lessons, "I did really do anything except point at the words," she modestly exclaimed. Now however, no book is safe and we have to be careful about which books he is picking up.

Five Years Old

On other fronts, his interest in birds has led him to nearly memorize the Field Guide to American Birds with his favorite being the birds of prey, specifically eagles. When ever I see a unique looking bird I need only look over at Max for the answer to what it is, whether it be a simple robin, or the white-throated sparrow which I had mistaken for a white-crowned sparrow, silly me.

Four Years Old

With no shortage of interests, Star Wars, Legos, dinosaurs, etc. the future promises to be interesting, we'll keep you posted.

Three Years Old

Two Years Old

One Year Old

Before One Year