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Abby - Chief of Advanced Amusements

Four Years Old

Quick laughter and a thousand candlepower smile combine to form our loveable Abby. When Max or Zoe want someone to play with, Abby is always willing. Though she idolizes her older brother and sister, she follows the beat of her own drummer when it comes to many things. She loves babies, and if the baby is wearing purple clothes, that is a big bonus. Abby has loved purple ever since she could identify the color. She has often asked for purple hair.

Three Years Old

Abby's hugs are the best. She really goes for it when gives her famous squeezes. This reason alone is enough to qualify her for the position of Chief of Amusements. The advanced part of her title is a recent promotion due to her amazing cuteness.

Two Years Old

Life is a party for our little Abby. If she is not dressing up in fancy dresses she is dreaming about her next party. If you want a smile, spend five seconds with our Abby.

One Year Old

Before One Year Old