01/01/11 08:26 PM

Happy New Year 2011

Authored by Mom

Our family was more blessed than ever it seems in 2010.

We ended the first year in this last decade by our normal tradition of movies, movies, movies and lots of goodies to munch on. I love traditions.

The food table seems to grow and grow every year.

...and there was more over on the kitchen side

The kids love to watch the movies, one after another, after another. Star Wars 3 was sort of a downer unfortunately.

Our little boy, who is less and less little every day, wanted to sit with his dad all night long.

Our littlest boy got tired of the movies toward the end and decided that he need to "fix" his chair. Why does Sam working always end of being more work for me?

We had an amazing year.

Life isn't perfect and it certainly isn't without troubles.

Even with all of our perfections, it was amazing.

We are blessed and healthy and together.

Life is good.

01/06/11 10:40 AM


That is a beautiful picture!!

01/04/11 09:34 PM

Mom and Grandma

I like seeing the pictures and reading the comments. It's like an update to me. I appreciate your thankful heart. Thanks for sharing the memories. Love you and think of you.

01/02/11 09:35 PM


What a great picture of you all! Happy New Year!

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