12/12/10 11:31 PM

What do These all have in Common?

Authored by Mom

So I've taken a break of my devotional time, of which I don't like. But the holidays are hard. But what, isn't that what HE came for? To be LIGHT and LIFE and FREEDOM for us all? To be our SAVIOUR and break us from our bonds. He did it for me, whether I choose to sit and read or pray or even notice. Even so in my fasting, I haven't breaked from thanksgiving. I want to notice, that is devotion to me.

Yes, while I know I should, I don't always write them down. The amazing thing about thanksgiving is when I've started to notice the small stuff, I have continued to notice the small stuff. Here are a few of my remembered blessings from this week:

#86 - 94

it was a very cold and windy day!

#86 - going to the Big Movies for the first time with our 4 kiddos... we saw Tangled and it was so fun (it's been in their own coupon books for a year now, played it up, made it a big deal and it was so special)

#87 - shopping with my sweet Zoe... she really is so fun!

#88 - having an evening treat with my Treat *wink, wink*

#89 - waking up in the best way

#90 - internet friends... who've been there for years

#91 - hearing the washing machine going

#92 - the prospect of fun Christmas activities with my little ones

#93 - a husband who thinks I'm perfect in every way for him

can he see to type in those special glasses?

he needs special apparati when he's hammering

#94 - my little boy's fashion sense

12/13/10 11:59 AM


Jen, hey, they're critical for typing skills and mastery carpentry. Without them, we wouldn't get our work done... or at least it wouldn't be as much fun. *wink*

12/13/10 11:31 AM


We have those same glasses!!

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