12/08/10 11:54 PM

Thankful this Thursday

Authored by Mom

While looking through this year's photos, I found some great ones. It reminded me how thankful I am, early on this Thursday morning.

This guy makes my world go round. I go to him first on everything, I check with him when I need advice, he builds me up like no one ever has. I can't imagine where I'd be without him.

He wanted this book so much. When we visited the bookstore he would go to the shelf and try to find the one that someone had opened and nearly beg for it. It was the perfect birthday gift. He is all about Star Wars, all the time. He has this perfect finger star ship (or whatever they're called, I'm a girl, give me a break) that he's always shooting at everything.

And this girl.... Oh she is so... so... words can't describe.

She got her first Hobby Lobby gift card. She loves crafts and art. She spent it quickly on jewelry making supplies. Last January she was just beginning the whole jewelry craze, now she puts it together without much effort at all. Oh and crocheting, hot glue guns, hand sewing...

She loves sending letters and cards to friends and family. This lettering book has been well used to show love and friendship.

And The Very Best Doll... she checked this one out over and over and over (and over!) at the library. She loved looking at the pictures, reading it, pouring over the pictures of the dolls in the book. It was out of print. I just had to get it for her. It still sits next to her bed.

It's amazing to me that these two will be NINE soon. I can't believe where the years went. I remember little tiny babes, bringing them home from the hospital, looking at the one who was driving the van home, and then asking "what do we do now?" I remember the days and nights of worry, constant discussion about "are we doing it right?", trying to keep it all straight and safe and perfect. And then they grow, right before our eyes.

Oh how sweet the memories are.

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