11/14/10 10:44 PM

November is for New Thanksgiving

Authored by Mom

Last November at this time I was giving thanks but I surely wasn't as intentional about, like I am this year. This year, this time around, I'm noticing so much more. I want to turn it all into a miracle, not just wait for fish and loaves.

Aren't the falling leaves a miracle?

Aren't the kids with their jackets all bundled up simply a miracle?

Aren't the shoppers, all hustle bustle, that happens at this time of year, a miracle?

Aren't husbands who give backrubs and notice wives and push them to persevere a God-sent miracle?

Yeah, I thought so too.

And so continues my list....

#72 - #85

72 - watching my little girl read to her Daddy

73 - little girls buried under a leaf pile

74 - spending hours shopping with my daughter... searching for the perfect supplies to make into a present for her younger sister... oh how I love her heart

75 - seeing kids climbing to new heights

76 - watching a Daddy rescue his little girl when she couldn't quite make it on her own... oh how I smiled when I saw him climb up there... I fell in love all over again on a warm November afternoon

77- spending a day all by myself with my 4 kids and having an absolutely wonderful, no fighting, no complaining day while my husband had a guys day away

78 - our red tree - the beauty of it all is it's naked now, no leaves at all, but when there were, the monkeys climbed it...

79 - Hobby Lobby sales

80 - new yarn to crochet some warm winter scarves

81 - hearing my little one praying... her heart was so precious

82 - the realization of a friend checking up on me and knowing that I'm liked

83 - organized freezers - the evidence of a job well-done, not easy but with focus and determination, it's all in there, organized and written down and it's so nice to look in on

84 - getting back on track

85 - kisses from my husband

And what I've noticed is while I don't number them in my journal, noticing what I'm thankful for is becoming easier and easier. I'm enjoying smiling - whether on the outside, for all of the world to look on, or in my heart, where it's only for me to see - because of the beautiful miracles that are happening all around me.

holy experience

holy experience

11/15/10 06:11 PM


Hobby Lobby sales ~ YES! LOL! Ohhhh such things we take for granted!

Enjoyed reading!

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