10/24/10 11:45 PM

Thankful for Many Years

Authored by Mom

I am so thankful for so much.

I remember feeling thankful when my mother-in-law called to offer her services to watch our kiddos, in order for us to go out for our anniversary. We love being with our children, adore them, find it most fun when we're all together. But there are the times, when it's so wonderful to just remember who started all of this family stuff and then take some time out just to remember what it's like to nurture us again. We did that this weekend. It was really truly wonderful.

Our family structure and the decisions we've made for our family are such that we spend most of our time together, living and being together, doing and experiencing together... that also means fewer babysitters (yeah and the fact that we don't live really close to any family).

So when we were able to have a evening get-away, it was sweet like sugar. Yep, 12 years of sugar.

anniversary strawberries my honey made for me... just like marriage, what a mess but oh so tasty!

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