10/04/10 12:09 AM

There's a Multitude on a Monday.

Authored by Dad

I wish I could put into words how thankful I am today. I appreciate what Ann is doing... by helping us all to see where we once had blinders on. Even when I can't find anything good to say, usually, in the most unsuspecting way, what I should be thankful for, what I could be thankful for does show up. Thanks Jesus for helping me to see. I have needed this so badly.

I am so much still learning. I feel sometimes like, when will I ever learn? When will I ever get better or do better or feel better {I could go on... eat better, exercise better, treat better, look better, keep house better, be a friend better... and the list grows}.... but I am slowly understand that the old clique' "God isn't finished with me yet" isn't so clique' but maybe really actually true.

#45 - #71

45 - date night with my husband... just a movie (you need'nt rent Kung Fu Hustle and sit confused like me) and some Panda Express on the couch

46 - an amazing time with Jesus on a weekend

47 - emails that make me think and smile

48 - my husbands cookies... these were amazing!!

49 - banana chocolate chip bread... I thought about opening the bag and actually just taking a bite out of the actual loaf, but I know my children will be thankful I didn't

50 - hearing my son say "hey mom, maybe everyday we should have DEAR time, you know Drop Everything And Read?"

51 - seeing the ocean

52 - the wind whipping through my hair, flying through the gulf coast on the back of the boat while on vacation

53 - new books, coming several days earlier in the mail

54 - books that are so beautiful they make you cry

55 - a really splendid weekend day, all by myself, thanks to my husband for the 20+ mile bike ride he took our four children on, all by himself

This was part of her lessons, for sure. I cannot tell a lie.

56 - my husband

57 - my Sam, his ways, all of them, even when he's getting into mischief for the 50th time that day, I still can't get enough of him

58 - my Abby cakes, she is sweet like sugar and I want to eat her up, I just love her hugs

beautiful girl, even with pollen all over her face

59 - my Zoe girl, she is truly full of life, I am constantly amazed by her... a trip to the local Walmart showed me how much care she has for her siblings when she was constantly mentioning "Oh Abby would love that!" or "Max would like those pajama pants the best" or "Sam would like the blues ones best" or "Do you think we should get them something too?"

60 - my Max man, so silly, so smart, so sweet, such a stinker, so special all in one...

61 - my mother-in-law who calls and graciously offers to watch our children so we can have some time together on our anniversary

62 - cooler weather

63 - seeing a plant thriving again {I'm very sentimental and the plants that I keep are usually ones that have some meaning for me.... I really want this plant to live, it was brown and now has new green leaves!}

He insisted on all the "gear" as he couldn't use it snorkeling but he was, for sure, gonna use it while jumping.

Get ready... Get set...


64 - watching my little boy jump into the "big pool" (as he called it, in such the cute Sam way)*

65 - unexpected blessings, in the most wonderful of ways

66 - email from authors of books that will be on the way

67 - my really handsome, well-behaved, gentle, happy dog - this dog is like my baby and I really enjoy him so much and the knowledge that he is 10 years old and the fact that he will someday not be with me anymore is sort of overwhelming to me at this time

68 - conversations with my children... oh how I love what they say when what they say is really something

69 - the power of forgiveness... I'll be asking for it over and over again and I'm so glad it's a free gift

70 - snorkeling twins

71 - my home

I am constantly amazed at how even just the little things that before we might never have regarded as "important" or "noteworthy" can become really special when we begin giving thanks. We remember them.... we can remember the good times, even when they are days or weeks old. In all honesty, I have recounted over 20 "things" that I'm thankful for and I couldn't type fast enough. These were on the tip of my tongue and I had no trouble rolling them off.

*Just in case you need to see it again...

holy experience

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