09/05/10 11:12 PM

Thankful Tonight

Authored by Mom

Sitting here, laptop at the table, pounding out the words, with a sore throat and so much on my long to do list and I wonder what there is to be thankful for and then.... then it all starts to hit me. Like a ton of bricks, even though I really haven't thought of thankfulness most of the week, thankfulness pours out of my soul like a waterfall. And I am truly grateful for my everyday days.

#33 - #44

33 - being able to participate in a local museum's art class - the kids had so much fun!

34 - Zoe girl teaching her Grandma how to crochet

35 - spending a date night with my husband

36 - a wonderful mother-in-law willing to watch our little ones on a moment's notice (and happily too!)

37 - going to the bookstore and getting some new educational supplies

38 - going farther on my exercise routine than I ever thought I could

39 - sharing the joy of babywearing with a friend

40 - being knocked over by hugs from little girl - her hugs envelope me with love

41 - taking pictures on our favorite hay bales, with a handsome dog running free

42 - playing at the splash pad, on the last week it's open for the season

43 - holding up their little brother to get the full splatter effect

44 - my littlest running for the play

It's the joy of the everyday, not the ginormous, once in a lifetime moments that we bring to Him in thanks.

holy experience

09/09/10 07:58 PM

--Mom and Grandma

I enjoyed seeing and reading this. So glad I could add to your joy. It was neat to be taught to crochet by a grandaughter! Thanks for letting me enjoy the joy of your precious "joys."

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