08/22/10 03:27 PM


Authored by Mom

Because I made the choice to be grateful last week, I was able to notice so much more. It was beautiful in fact. Here is just a touch of what I was especially blessed with and grateful for this week.

#16 - #32

16 - seeing my daughter read to my other daughter ... even if she was asked to

17 - being touched the way a loved woman is touched

18 - Abby so excited to learn how to read

19 - my handsome dog

20 - washing machines

21 - getting to see the tractors out this week and understand some priorities (it's a process that's slow going for me)

22 - beautiful verses that are so timely...

23 - little girls who get ask specifically for 'that book that you use shapes to make pictures"

24 - little boys who make paper airplanes for their little brothers

25 - making up after a fight

26 - shopping with my daughter

27 - pretty skirts and dresses arriving in the mail

28 - watching my man and my youngest practice sticking out their tongues at each other

29 - taking silly pictures late at night with my little blond boy

30 - making a fine breakfast for my family

31 - my husband staring as he watches me

32 - getting food ready to fellowship and worship the One who is the giver of all I'm grateful for

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."

~Proverbs 19:21

holy experience

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