08/15/10 11:42 PM

Count your Blessings... Name them One by One...

Authored by Mom

In the grand scheme of life, it's all the small stuff. Why not give thanks? I'm learning more and more that comparison is the death of contentment. To be content is a good thing, a must-have, a real blessing. Gratefulness brings contentment... we see the good, when we truly open our eyes.

I am so grateful for so much. And here begins a list...


#1 - our super affectionate girl... I'm never without a hug and kiss when she's around

#2 - watching my kids having fun in the afternoons

#3 - connecting with other moms, through the internet, years of friendship

#4 - my amazing husband... who, when coming home from a long day at work, picks up life when I can't do it anymore and makes it all look so easy

#5 - tea time on Tuesday, ready in our bathing suits for the pool, but first must have tea and cake and a some good reading

#6 - the way that my children can come up with beautiful reasons why we gather for church and what Jesus means to us... Friend, Love, Thank You, Worship, Jesus' Child, Praise, Holy

#7 - saying yes to this little boy's request to PAINT!

#8 - being in the midst of The Body of Christ, with friends who care deeply for our children

#9 - friends who care enough to email, with interest in our interests

#10 - letting this boy finally make a sculpture with clay and then paint it - oh the joy of a pinch pot!

#11 - noticing details

#12 - a husband who is completely, 100% supportive

#13 - yummy juice that was concocted just for me by the master juice maker

#14 - having family pool time, in our backyard blow up pool (and being so happy about it, I'm posting photos of me in bathing suit)

#15 - the one we now call "Our Little Fish"... who proudly and with ease, kicked with all his might, head under water, and came up glowing

holy experience

08/16/10 10:13 PM


Counting my blessings along with you ... and loving tea time before the pool.

Delighted to meet you today and splash around in God's goodness. I hope you don't mind if I take off my shoes and dip my tootsies as this looks like a wonderful place to be refreshed.



08/16/10 01:48 PM


Welcome to the gratitude community. So happy that I stopped by for a visit. I join you in gratitude for family fun in the pool and husband who is supportive.

Lovely list!

grace and peace to you


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