02/15/09 11:43 PM

Valentine's exchange

Authored by Mom

We recently participated in a fun Valentine’s exchange.

Nothing can be easy, however.

Max, Zoe and Abby each chose a different creature to make.

Mr. Max chose the Owl -- a creature you've just gotta love.

whoooooo wants to be your valentine? we do!

Zoe thought the hoppy Frog was fun!

who doesn't love those lips?

Abby fell in the love with the Ladybug.

buzzing on over for some Valentine's love...

Hope you had a hoppin' good time lovin' on somebody and getting some lovin' yourself.

we're hoppping on over to say....Be Mine!

"This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son into the world so we might live through him." ~1 John 4:9 the MSG

03/06/09 08:09 PM


WHOAAAAA!!! Kimba just left me a comment!!!! I feel like I know a celebrity!!! Breath....Breath....Breath....

03/06/09 11:00 AM


Hi Rachael! I couldn't reply to your email for some reason but...

USE COLOR!!!!! I love using my spray paint to add a pop of fun color to something. :-)


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