06/24/10 10:47 PM

Stop poking the SNAKE with a stick, Please

Authored by Mom

Guess what we found on Friday?

You should have seen us trying to get it into that box. I'm sure the neighbors were peeking out of their windows thinking "Those homeschoolers are at it again! What have they got now? What are they trying so hard to get into that box?" I wish they would have just come out and helped instead of staying safe inside. We had quite the time of it, trying to wrangle it into it's confines. It was really interesting once the thing figured out what we were going to do.* (which was only to put it into a box to watch it for awhile... and take it's picture)

My Zoe girl is always taking pictures of something. I never would have dreamed I would have a camera at age 8, but you know how Grandmas are. Zoe loves her camera.

Sweet thing was so excited about taking pictures of this (obviously Max was too) and wanted to release the snake right away so that it didn't die. She was very concerned about him.

I had to keep saying over and over, "STOP poking the snake with the stick please." "Hey, put that stick down, you're scaring the poor thing." "Sam, don't poke the snake." "Sam..." There were a lot of "Sams".

Finally we released the guy back into it's natural habitat. Well, wasn't that fun.

*No snakes nor children were harmed in the making of this learning adventure.

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