05/07/10 12:01 AM

Fun Pictures Friday

Authored by Mom

We've recently been learning about airplanes after reading about the first flight across the English Channel by Louis Bleriot. This was a fun unit!

We visited the Air and Space Museum here on a very rainy day.

Max getting into the cockpit of an old airplane.

When we got done, we took a picnic lunch to a local park. We ate under a shelter and then I let them play.

They were so wet after playing outside after it had rained

Getting ready to throw the gliders we got at the Air and Space Museum.

They had so much fun with these!

Of course my friend Sam broke his completely apart the moment he removed it from the packaging. I couldn't get there fast enough to stop him.

Abby is happy about learning. She loves her reading lessons.

Here's she's doing some fun math.

Abby doing some math. She made a cat and a duck.

After a recent nature study day at a park, I took a run with Sam in the jogging stroller. Sweet thing fell asleep at the end. I was running with him head hanging way over him. When I stopped at our house, he never even woke up at all. I can never resist pictures of my sleeping babies. (Ahem, he can't get into trouble when he's sleeping.)

Sweet sleepy Sam.

05/16/10 10:24 AM


Looks like so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

05/11/10 10:05 PM

Helen McLean--Mom and Grandma

It's so neat to see them. Thanks for sharing.

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