04/09/10 07:46 AM

Seeing the Sunrise

Authored by Mom

I am not a morning person at all. I would rather not even know certain times of day exist.

This morning I was up to see the sunrise.

The windows were open from yesterday still. And it was cold. But the cold allowed me to hear the beautiful sound of a bird, right outside.

I really loved that. That's not deep enough, strong enough. I sat and listened, intently.

When the bird was gone, the house was so quiet. All I could hear was the ticking of our broken clock and the music in the bedrooms. I miss the bird's beautiful song.

It came back but so so far away that the sound was faint, my ears straining to hear.

Now I can't hear it at all.

And the sunrise? SUNRISE. It was amazing. Black night giving way to LIGHT. I couldn't see the trees an hour ago. Now I can see the pink color of the flowers on my daughter's tree outside. Words can't express the feelings I'm having, right now seeing the gold-orange shining through my son's tree branches. It's happening before my eyes. When I move just right, I see the son, rays seeping through the spaces between branches and trees.

All around the ball, it's subdued, orange, yellow, pink. But there, right at the sun, it's STRONG, DARK, BRIGHT, WARMING.

I couldn't capture it with my camera if I tried. I'd miss it. Get my feet dirty. Make a lot of noise. I'm just gonna sit here for a moment and watch.

Oh wow, it was so burning bright, I had to look away. Minutes later, I still see the image of the strange gold ball never leaving my line of sight. SUNRISE.

Matthew 12:36 says we will have to give account of our words someday. I read it this morning and today, at least today, I want my words to be SUNRISE to my family. I want to bring them out of the darkness, be strong, bright, warming.

The verses before that have Jesus sharing that it is out of the OVERFLOW OF THE HEART the our mouth speaks. Wow. Such simple words. I've read it a thousand times and never seen it before.

It's UP! Light is all over my house. BRIGHT. ILLUMINATING.

I'm so glad I got up with the SON today.

And! I just saw a robin on my dew fill grass, picking up something!

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