03/24/10 12:42 AM

A Little Something

Authored by Mom

I fooled myself, it's not a little something, but a huge something.

I am loving my job right now.

I am loving my life right now.

That's big.

But I really am. {not big, but loving my life, which is big, if you're following me}

I realize how special it is that I get the privilege, the blessing, the joy, the hard work of watching these treasures grow and learn and be. Everyday I get the privilege of waking up and going to work by teaching them, feeding them, disciplining them, loving on them.

My mother wasn't a stay at home mom. I didn't benefit from her being there all of the time with me. I'm not going to debate the political correctness of that, whether it's the right thing to do or the wrong thing. For us, at this season of our lives, it's the right thing. Me being here with them is right for us, for right now.

And even with all of the hard work, all of the difficulties, I love my job. I love the ones I serve, teach, discipline, play with, spend my days.

Just a bit of what I've enjoyed in the past week:

Abby doing some art at a local museum.

Z having fun with our new jump ropes.

He brought his "computer" outside to be just like Daddy. He was so proud of himself as he kept saying "puter" and "Daddy." I couldn't help but snap the shutter.

On the first day of spring, M posing with his teeny tiny snowman. Hey, I guess any snowman is better than no snowman at all.

05/16/10 10:20 PM

Grandma McLean

You're right! It is a very special job and a privilege to spend such special time, making memories with such extraordinary people. The job is huge, demanding, and gratifying. May God give you special peace and wisdom today. Cute pictures by a great Mom!

04/05/10 04:00 PM


Very cool. And you are one cool mom!

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