02/25/10 11:29 AM

Thankful for Interruptions

Authored by Mom

For the last few months, I've been harping on everybody about interruptions.

Interrupting me while I'm reading

Interrupting me while I'm on the phone

Interrupting me while I'm talking to another person

Interrupting and Interrupting and Interrupting

My family is a talking family and for some reason I haven't succeeded in teaching them not to interrupt.

But today... I'm thankful for the interruptions.

I've been enjoying and been blessed by listening to an online homeschooling conference.

I'd like to sit and listen without interruptions... or so I think.

Really, do I want these interruptions to be gone?

My kids have been outside looking at eggs {hoping they aren't termite eggs} in wood, finding snails, drawing in their nature journals, eating a snack, exploring, playing. So they come in and interrupt?

The excitement and joy that they shared in finding those snails and eggs were priceless. It ended up that it wasn't an interruption. Not at all.

My little one was coming in and out, interrupting. My little guy was cold. It's chilly out, he needed mittens after being outside (not to mention playing in the water!). I didn't know he was in the water! I didn't know how cold it was and that his little hands were freezing. So he came in and interrupted?

Being a mother and providing him warmth when he needed it was way more important than sitting listening to some ladies I don't even know. While I do want to listen to the conference, he's much more important. When I stopped to breathe for a moment, I realized this little boy of mine wasn't really an interruption, at least not one that I minded.

I missed some of my conference, couldn't listen to each and every word that these other moms shared but loving on, listening to, experiencing, teaching my kids was way more of a joy than listening to what I should be doing. This is what I should be doing.

A lesson learned, even if just for a moment.

Do what is important.

Relax, being 'proper' isn't always what is important.

03/03/10 12:33 PM


Now I gotta see this one Missy. What fun things my better half has done!

That's a good one babe! I like it.

03/03/10 11:42 AM

Missy R

You are so right of course. :) I will remember this today....

ETA: Okay, now I'm laughing at the picture of SAM with an "I'm not happy face" that appears if you forget to click display a comment. LOL!

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