02/01/10 05:26 PM

Stepping Outside of Myself

Authored by Mom

So this weekend, something new happened. Again. I've had some strange things happening lately.

I'm not sure when these things all started happening. When was the beginning? I'm not sure but I'm recognizing it now.

Just recently I've been able to look outside of what's going on and really been so THANKFUL and BLESSED and HAPPY. I'm probably the last person on the planet to have it happen to but hey, somebody's got to be the slow one right?

Saturday, we were just here, hanging out as a family, at home and it was pure bliss. Wonderful. Amazing.

Mark and Max were putting together a new 1000 piece puzzle that we had just opened. I can't wait to see what transpires as this cardboard brain buster is in the making.

Max picked this one over the 1000 piece hot air balloon one. He said he'd like to be "there." Yeah, me too, buddy. At the present moment, it's on the card table taunting little Sam every time he's in the room.

Max and Sam worked on several puzzles together. Max was so gentle, kind, loving and helpful with Sam.

I walked into the kitchen and my dishes were all done. Mark was doing something with my mixer (ahhhh, Christmas memories of a wonderful gifting from my dear husband!). Then I saw the makings of what will be in my personal heaven. My husband's chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it might not be a secret recipe but those delightful discs will be in my cookie jar in heaven.

Zoe painted a bird design on her new pendant necklace set that she received from Grandma at Christmas. Ah, I love that girl's creative spirit. She wanted everything to be perfect. It did turn out perfect.

It turned out perfectly by the way. So far, she loves making jewelry.

At different points around the day, it was like an out of body experience. I wasn't me. I wasn't holding Sam. I wasn't helping Zoe to open her paint pots. I wasn't teaching Abby how to sound out letters to form words. I was actually watching it happen. And what occured inside of myself as I had this out of body experience was divine. I saw LIFE as it is.

Glinda the Good Witch ran away briefly and came to our house to play a quick game of the Mixies and get a reading lesson, complete with handwriting practice.

Isn't he a handsome dog? Doesn't he look like he's just smiling and posing for the camera? Yeah, I taught him to do that.

Zoe girl helped make her sister up in Mommy's old makeup drawer. They had a blast.

If you thought Zoe was going to fix Abby up and not get gussied up too, well think again. Here she is in all her glory. I think she'll need a few tips when she actually leaves the house with makeup on. I have a good many years.

I'm probably a bit slow on the uptake. I'm o.k with that. I can handle my slowness. I'm just glad that I'm starting to retreat, step back, take a look outside from what's going on in the inside and really see...

The clothes in the baskets? Evidence that we're blessed with clothes to wear, a washing machine to clean them in, and no time to put them away. Random shoe? Evidence of playing outside and money to buy tie dye flavored crocs. Small tree look-alike? Evidence that things continue to grow (thrive!) even when ignored and are unwanted. Bag full of unpacked books? Evidence of money in our wallets to spend on such entertainment, education and extravagance and that we're blessed to be busy enough that it lays there still...

My friend Sam wasn't going to let me steal all the fun by being the only photographer in the family.

02/18/10 08:30 PM



Thanks for the glimpeses into your life. I'm glad you can appreciate it - you are so blessed!

Love you,

Big sis and friend

02/07/10 11:21 AM


I love it, too! And I love those moments. Yesterday I wanted to bawl by the time we finally got home. There was so much to do and everything was a wreck...but it worked out. Alice played on the floor, Jack watched a cartoon, I picked up. It would have been better for it to be BEFORE 9 pm, but whatever! ; )

02/05/10 07:04 PM

Jennifer Unsell

I love this post Rachel! Soooo beautiful and touching!

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