01/29/10 10:43 PM

Dear King Winter

Authored by Mom

Dear King Winter*,

Hello? How are things going there for you, up in the blistery blowing bunched up clouds?

Oh we've been fine here. I'm glad you've asked. Well, no, not o.k. I'm tired of all of the .... well, the.... WINTER!!! I want our DESIRE-able weather back, thank you!

I can understand you giving us a taste of what it's like up in the wintery wonderlands of Wisconsin, the icy igloos of Iowa, the nippy nests in North Dakota, and the always arctic Alaska. But really, we don't live in those freaky freezing frigid frightening places. No, no, we live where they just don't even know how to drive in this inch-upon-inch-upon-inch (I'm sorry, sir, I don't really know how many inches of snow we've received) of soft white stuff. Please don't send too much more.

Oh and yes, the kiddos LoVe it! Thank you for asking!! I just can't handle the change after change of clothing that going out in the stuff takes. We don't own cold weather gear, kind sir, so all of our pants are getting soaked in this stuff. (Not to mention my fair-skinned Samalicious is getting reddened sore cheekies from the Brrrrr-cold weather out there!). It's taking me all day to round up their snow soaked pants, socks, coats, snowsuits, mittens, hats, boots, tennis shoes - lay them out to dry - decipher what needs a washing due to the mud, dirt, mess on them and then get it all done.

So King Winter, when are you taking a vacation and letting Queen Spring come for a visit?

Sincerely (not) yours,


*a name penned by Max and Zoe, while playing outside today

Isn't he so sweet? Yeah, don't let him fool ya.

He can be an angel when he wants to be.

catching snowflakes on her tongue

That smile was reserved for the afternoon. The morning was spent crying because she was too cold. Smiling or crying, she's still sweet as sugar.

We start out shoveling early here.

See, he wasn't so lucky. He didn't even get a shovel, just an old board.

This is pure happy joy on his face. They love snow here.

He never lets the world go on around him like this. He must be thinking of what to tackle next.

What I saw when I put on my rose colored glasses

It (was) is COLD here. But beautiful.

Just beautiful

02/02/10 10:23 AM


Fun! I wish we had some snow, but not likely!

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