12/28/09 01:29 AM

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Authored by Mom

This will be a year to remember.

Christmas Eve started with a forecast for extreme weather. Mark and I didn't believe it. No way was there going to be 8 inches {or more} on Christmas day in our fair weather area, where snow might fall but doesn't stick.

We were wrong.

In the afternoon, it was raining and then it turned to ice that made our yard white. Then I blinked, it was 6:00 and dark but completely white outside.

This is what we saw

It was still coming down fast and furious and we realized that this year, finally, we would have our white Christmas.

We came in and had our tradition Christmas Eve[ning] time together.

The kids got their Christmas jammies.

twinkies...soon to be 8



a blessed family

Then, got ready for some Christmas morning cheer.

Traditional Christmas morning breakfast, prepared by our Daddy, himself.

these are awesome, wonderful cinnamon rolls

Abby does really love these. I think she's doing the "leggo my cinnamon roll" spell on us

Benson chilling in our backyard, literally

And after we opened presents we did some of this...

I think I know what's coming.

Yep, I was right. That's one of his favorite things.

Poor Sam didn't think much of the cold white stuff at first. He enjoyed crying by the side of the house for quite some time. He's still cute though.

And so our snowy saga continues...

There's still much, much snow on the ground and we continue to have verryyy cold weather which means, if you're following me, not much melting.

And there's forecast for more snow in ... a couple of days.

*More Christmas pictures to come.

**They may or may not include snow, but most likely may.

01/21/10 12:46 AM

Missy R

Wasn't the snow incredible?? And there are STILL traces of it around, only now it's a bit muddy. :)

I didn't know you had your blog up and running again. I am definitely behind, girl. Your family is just beautiful, friend, and I love seeing how much your sweet kiddos are growing...

Much love~ Michele

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