12/18/09 10:44 PM

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Authored by Mom

Just a few intakes and outtakes from some photos I tried to shoot.

Man, these sweeties are my Christmas candy.

just a little Christmas bling, Max style

completely unsure why he has a hair clip on his ear

singing Christmas carols "HO HO, the Mistletoe hung where you can see..."

Have you met my friend Sam and his eyelashes?

"Have a holly jolly Christmas..."

these blue eyes, this smile, her hugs and her laughter shows me the Love of Jesus every time

it was just yesterday that I was wondering when she and her twin would arrive...I can't believe that in truth it was actually 8 years ago

Now all he wants for Christmas are his 2 front teeth. Where did 8 years go?

Ah, then our Abby cakes. Have you seen her eyelashes?

And then there's Sam

and Sam

and more of our Sam.

It's all just moving so fast. But it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

12/23/09 11:19 AM


Wow, my kids are really cute.

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