12/14/09 01:30 PM

Monday Thankfulness

Authored by Mom

Today was a typical Monday. I can't count the ways it's gone wrong. I never completed enough school to count that high. I'll just say that my biggest wish right now is to go to bed and start it all over again, differently.

Unfortunately, wishes don't always come true.

So while putting together Christmas gifts, I came across something that changed my attitude a bit.

the joy of Christmas donuts

blurry happiness with tools

thankful for beautiful girls, inside and out

She specifically asked for this hairstyle, made up by her, so she would look like a princess. She wanted to be fancy for when her Aunt Joy came to visit.

fun decorating a new Christmas tree

Sam was so upset when he didn't get his own tree to decorate. I decided that my new white feather tree wasn't that delicate and he got the special job of decorating it.

I'm so thankful for my family, for my children, for my life.

There are days when I wish it was easier.

There are days when I wish life were different.

But then I wouldn't be me and I wouldn't be in this place at this time with all of this. So today I'll choose to have my struggles and challenges, the arguments with my husband, the crying of children. Because I have a life to fill with challenge, a husband to argue with (and love on too), and children to listen to.

I wished for all of this more times than I could count, for this life. Again I wasn't as smart in math as my husband but it was a lot.

So here I am, lucky, blessed, overflowing, overwhelming, angry, happy, struggling, listening, comforting, crying, laughing. I get all of my dreams come true, even with all of the hardships.

12/14/09 10:37 PM


A great post, friend!

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