12/10/09 01:52 PM

Kid Funnies

Authored by Mom

"Those aren't amaloes. Those are spanish amaloes!" ~Abby

"You can get some when you come to my rubber band shooting war school." ~Max

"Don't worry about weapons, I've got those covered." ~Max (yikes! FYI - he went on to tell about his homemade rubber band slingshot.... so no visits from the police please... and he was giving me this word of assurance when he was going out to check the mail... you can never be too sure about when to or not to bring your weapons)

and for your viewing pleasure...

he who carries the biggest stick...

Yes, this was where we went cliff jumping in college -- of course, they put up the signs prohibiting that after I graduated.

amazing creatures so peaceful while we sat and watched

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