02/11/09 10:10 PM

Max's Need

Authored by Dad

After many, many, many attempts to get my Max man to stop jumping, leaping, tumbling (happily I'll tell you) and all of those failing miserably, he shared this WISH NEED with me.

I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

I just NEED something to CLIMB on IN THE HOUSE.

Oh, how I LOVE that 7 year old boy.

unfortunately I'm not just battling my 7 year old but his twin sister too

02/18/09 10:14 PM

Joel Garringer

Once when I was a kid we went to visit some of my parents friends, sort of aunts and uncles and they were having a cookout or something, and my brother and I and some of the other kids were getting a little too rambunctious in the living room. Nothing crazy, just sort of moving around a little too fast in a room full of people.

The homeowners said, "If you kids want to jump on the furniture, you should go down in the basement."

We took them literally and the 5 or 6 of us moved all of the furniture in the basement into a circle so that we could hop all the way around the room without touching the ground.

We had a blast for about 15 minutes at which point someone came down to check on us...

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