11/12/09 11:51 AM


Authored by Mom

Benson is my our first baby. He's 9. So I guess that technically, he's not a baby anymore but it would feel weird to say that he's our first son. Our first child? No, baby does seem to be more appropriate I guess for me. (And since I'm writing this for me, I'll say what I want.)

He really was our first baby. We bought him toys and a special bed. He slept in our room. We played with him and spent lots of time with him. We took him on long distance trips and to out-of-town holidays away. We took him everywhere.

I'm trying to grasp that Benson won't be with us forever. My husband is urging me to begin the process of realizing that certain people won't be around forever. I'm trying, I really am.

Some people aren't dog people. Some people just detest animals in general. I like animals, especially my own. A lot. A lot.

It's not unhealthy but I really LOVE my dog. A lot.

I hate death. I have a hard time with death. I struggle with that. Some people do have a hard time but for me, it's a real issue that I struggle to get a hold on.

I noticed a spot yesterday on Benson's ear flap that was swollen and not-quite-firm to the touch. I was surprised but decided that it wasn't anything that I needed to get concerned about. When Mark touched it last night, he was immediately concerned. He called the vet this morning and on the phone, she diagnosed him. Simple as that, they see it all the time.

Benson has an aural hematoma. He'll have a surgical procedure tomorrow to remove it. He'll be under general anethstetia. (I might be less worried about it if I could spell it. But probably not.) So surgery, under general anethstethia. I immediately went in worry mode.

It's true that anything can happen, even when he's here in our care, in our home. I think the key word was our there. My sweet husband had to remind me that this is a vet's office. Key points here to remember Rachel.

So our Benson will be missed tomorrow greatly. Mark will take him to the vet in the morning before 8:30, he'll have the procedure and then he'll pick him up on the way home.

I'm gonna miss him terribly tomorrow and I pray everything is o.k.

Doesn't he have the sweetest face?

01/21/10 12:49 AM

Missy R

Yes, he does have the sweetest face. :) He's so friendly and loving too. :) I think he's wonderful and hope he has recovered well from his procedure.

11/13/09 11:03 AM


We do love our dogs! I told Matt the other day that our family could have quite a reunion if we brought all of our dogs! Yes, and most of them woudl be goldens. We even have a few taht are no longer with us!


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