10/05/09 11:39 PM

Another Milestone...of the Sparkly White Kind

Authored by Mom

Another milestone.

This smile

Is no longer.

It's replaced by...


When Max and Zoe were born, they were some of the most wanted babes. EVER. I can't explain the feelings I had becoming a mommy. But they were some of the most powerful, most amazing, most definite, most delightful of all I've had.

I was so excited to be having twins. During pregnancy we had several scares. Then I was finally taken of off work duty and told just to gestate. I was pleased to be having boy AND a girl. I was joyful that I was carrying a boy, that Mark would be carrying on the family name. Just becoming a mommy was enough, but having twins, one of both and carrying on the family's last name. I was over the moon over these not-even-born beings.

Max was taken to the NICU, for a short stay, for not breathing immediately after birth. I was so worried, couldn't take my mind off of what was wrong with my boy, while loving on my sweet girl at the same time. Of course, I made Mark go with Max.

While I was vomiting excessively (oh you didn't want to know that part?) and enjoying my new baby girl, Mark came in to the recovery room. I wanted to know about Max, how he was doing, was he o.k., when would be able to come back. While he didn't know, he did know he just wanted to see Zoe and me.

As I was pushing him to return to the NICU to see and check on Max, they came in wheeling a sweet, snuggled up little boy. So wonderful. Ah, the tears I cried knowing he was o.k, he was back with me.

Max has been so much fun. He has had a strong spirit and his Grandpa once told me that if we could harness it, he could do great things. I wish his Grandpa could see him now. He is a very sweet, kind, fun, very smart boy. He's an excellent reader, picking up anything and everything, and he's fast. He has a heart for animals and has always been a bit soft-hearted. He's always been a great cuddler.

He's lost 2 teeth, but they weren't the TOP teeth. These are the ones that we'll be singing all I want for Christmas are my 2 front teeth to. It's been days and days and days that he's been working on this sparkler, trying to get it to come out. I've been taking picture after picture wondering if this is the last picture with both of his top teeth, his baby teeth. You can never tell when the last will be. Even when you're yelling "Don't pull it, I'm coming! Just wait! I'm coming!" and running with the camera. You can never tell when the last time will be or if you'll even make it in time.

Every milestone has been a big deal for me, even if sometimes I just hold it in my heart doing a bit of pondering (I remember another mama who did some pondering ). I love to celebrate my children.

Tonight isn't any different. We're just celebrating with one less tooth.

before with his Ivory soap carving of 20 teeth


a sincere message, hopeful of reaching it's fairy

10/07/09 11:37 AM


Awww!! How awesome! Love those toothless grins!

10/07/09 01:25 AM


Love this post. I can relate to enjoying the milestones too. You are an awesome mama! I love the smile with missing teeth. Your son is a cutie!



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