09/27/09 12:32 AM

Something to make me happy.

Authored by Mom

Can I tell you what makes me so happy right now?


O.k that's a bit ambiguous I understand. But if you were living my life, you would understand.

So it's the floors that put a little oomph in my step these days.

We are redoing all of the floors in our house.

Our carpet stunk {not literally of course, unless it was after wet dog came in the house but not as an overall, everyday occurence}, it was dirty {I mean dir-tee} and we were tired of it. Tired of the stains, tired of the dirt, tired of the upkeep that never did keep it up, tired of being overly cautious about carpet in a bathroom (who puts carpet in the bathroom??). So we did the wild and crazy thing and pulled it all up. Exactly as we had feared.

It was dir-tee under that carpet. Gross. It was pretty bad. And we're not dirty {or dir-tee if you're following me} people. Nope, we actually clean, vacuum, and even shampoo the carpets regularly. But under that soft, er not-really-soft-anymore-after-4-kids-and-a-big-dog-lives-in-it, carpet was just a lot of dirt. And probably a bunch of sand and germs and other gross stuff but we didn't get that close.

So we decided to stain our concrete. Sounded like a good idea. My sister had stained concrete floors in one of her homes and she loved it. We talked about it and I thought I would love it too. I have 2 other friends who have painted their concrete floors {giving the same effect as the stained concrete} and I think their floors look pretty great. And it's inexpensive. We hope to move out of this way-too-small-house someday into our own personal-heaven (yeah right, who am I kidding, rolling my eyes sitting in my living room that can only seat 4. kids. ) so we're not looking at spending our life fortune here.

Then came the realization that the floors were awful messed up with splatters by the amazing painters that did our home's first paint job and there were huge gouges out of the concrete when we removed the carpet tack strips. After trying the large concrete grinder and it not working, we went with another route.

Tile. Wood laminate. They are both beautiful and just what I needed. It beginning to get cooler out and I know that I'll want some rugs on the floor. But for now, they are absolutely perfect. My wonderful husband has done an incredible job installing them. And while we still don't have nice floors in All of the house, it is getting there.

I love them. And that's my happy thought for the day.

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