09/21/09 08:30 AM

Counting my Blessings with Multitude Monday

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I'm starting my week out differently.

I'm going to count my blessings. On a Monday morning.

love this little guy

- hearing Sam say "puter"

- finishing my 419 page book - it was a great one

- cuddling with my husband while watching a movie

- new floors

- sun shining on the dew dropped grass

- a warm bed to sleep in

- kids to hug first thing in the morning

- hearing the washer going, cleaning my life-worn clothes

- flower weed gifts from my babes

- the buzz of the fan, blowing me cool

- our Benson

our Benson

- watching my son love his Daddy

the doer

the watcher

thankful for...

And all that on a Monday morning!

While I'm joining up with Ann from A Holy Experience and all the others, this is a much needed thing for me. I need to consciously count my blessings. Outloud makes it all the more powerful.

Thanks for letting me share.

holy experience

10/07/09 09:32 AM


You're awesome Rachel! I love having you as a friend! I am very lucky to have met you and you are a ray of sunshine in my life! Those are all awesome and simple everyday things that I too am glad to witness each day. Thanks for putting it in writing! It's going on my fridge!

09/21/09 02:46 PM


You are SO hot! I love you.

09/21/09 09:40 AM


Even if no one else comments on it. I must say I had a great deal of pleasure when reading this. Those pictures are great.

Just Dad

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