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First days.

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I just couldn't not post our First Day pictures.

We school year 'round and we tend to eliminate labels as much as possible. But several years ago when things were starting up with the twins, I decided to do some fun special things on our First Day of the new year (year meaning school year).

We like to take the traditional pictures outside.




Daddy takes the day off of work.

the much loved Funny Face
We go out to brunch {so far every year it's been our local Village Inn - my Max loves the Funny Face!}.

We had to do lots of cutting on our own.

She wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't let me cut anything for her. Absolutely not. How big is she?

We got really messy. {and needed proof that all of us where there}

Proof that I was indeed there.

Tummies full. Smooshed together. This is LOVE.

We make up a list of things that the kids want to do or learn during the year.

Every year I look forward to this day. Usually some or all of the kiddos get new clothes, just for fun. I like taking them out to the restaurant. It's a special treat, that we don't partake of often. I like looking through the big box, seeing what sorts of goodies I've purchased for the year and dreaming about using them sometime. I enjoy celebrating them. I love them so much.

This year wasn't any different.

Yes, this should prove to be a full year. One that I'm sure Sam won't stand and watch from afar.

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