09/14/09 01:09 AM

Make Yours Lovely

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I came across this pretty amazing {really AMAZING} video awhile ago. Maybe it was last year after it happened? I don't remember but somehow I came across it again. I just wanted to share it, in case anyone really reads this blog and what I (we -- hi baby!) write.

This is how it all began:

And this, this is

The Beckoning of Lovely:

I am going to make my week Lovely.

I might not make a grand entrance.

I might not kiss and make up.

I might not make it up as I go.

I might not make any music.

I might not make anyone's day.

But I plan to make some memories. And that is pretty Lovely, if you ask me.

Come back later to find some more Lovely here.

p.s. Make Yours Lovely. I'd love to hear about it.

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