06/24/09 12:06 AM

Devoted to the Boys

Authored by Mom

This weekend my boys had a blast.

Max is up for whatever he can take apart. Must be his Daddy's boy. Mark did this as a boy too.

We have an old CD player that didn't play right and has been in the garage. He's been begging me to let him take it apart. (Max, not Mark. Just in case you're wondering.)

I told him I didn't know. Daddy told him yes. That was all that he needed.

My Max was in heaven. He yanked and pulled and tried with the screwdriver. I think he even let the girls in on a little bit, but not too much...

While all of this fun was happening, Mark was installing our new DVD player in the van.

Sam can't get enough of his Daddy right now. When Mark is home, he wants to be there (unless of course, it's cling to Mama time - which is a good possibility too). There was no way Sam was not going to be a part of this DVD player installation.

Did it work?


Later in the day, after we had wrapped Daddy's presents for Father's day, Sam found some curling ribbon and some scissors. Don't worry, I don't usually let Sam play with scissors. Running with scissors? Sure. Cutting, definitely out of the question. {just kidding...probably}

He was very focused on this cutting activity...

And just because....

he's so adorable, staring off into space, wondering....

what sorts of adventures will life lead him to next....

(by the way, this gives you a close up look at what the bug bite Mr. Sam has now looks like days after the intense swelling has gone down...those little bodies just look so sad when they get bit by the big bad bugs...poor guy)

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