06/18/09 10:27 PM

Painting and Birds, but not Painting Birds...Yet

Authored by Mom

First off. I can't get enough of this little boy.

He's got me wrapped around his little finger and it's obvious why.

Onto other news.

Today Sam was introduced to paint in a different method.

We have tried the watercolor paints with him (yes, yes I know he's just a new TWO but painting with water just wasn't cutting it for him) but he drank the brush cleaning water.

Wasn't pretty.

Nor did this Mommy think that was a good idea.

But I needed some intervention today and painted seemed to be it.

Sam had fun with his new art.

purple paint is good

so is orange

And on yet another subject, our newest book unit is When Agnes Caws and it's wonderful. We've been learning about lots of things in this book but currently it's birds. Today we focused on bird characteristics. Bird feathers, their muscles, their bones. Cool stuff!

some of the pages we worked on so informative and the sketches were great

Zoe working on coloring her bird skeleton.

Abby diligently coloring hers. This bird had different colored bones in fact. Quite unusual.

Unfortunately our biggest bird lover, Max, didn't get in the photos. He completed his pages quickly (as usual, must get done NoW!) and was off to make his bird sculpture. I will say, though, he's loving this stuff... (so just insert a picture of him in your mind, he's quite charming and handsome, just like his Daddy)

I guess I could say we had a flit-flapping, high flying full of color day here.

And one last picture just because he's adorable.

06/24/09 12:31 AM


He is so adventurous! I can't keep him out of adventure. That's one thing we love about our Sam.

06/23/09 12:48 PM

Jennifer Unsell

How fun! he is adorable!

06/22/09 10:21 AM

Aunt Joy


You are getting so big! I love your happy smile and your adventurous spirit!

Miss you

Aunt Joy

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