06/16/09 11:37 PM


Authored by Mom

My kiddos can't get enough of frogs. Or toads for that matter. Or rabbits. Well come to mention it, throw 'em some nature and their set.

Monday proved no different around here. We found a friendly guy who didn't mind getting a little love from Abby.

Poor girl wouldn't give him a break.

I'm sure he loved his boat rides in Benson's pool. I'm glad Benson didn't see him. He's a good guy alright but he just has a weakness for anything that moves like that. His curiosity just gets the better of him. And Abby is quite the boat driver. Gives her Uncle Greg and her Uncle Allen a run for their money.

But it was time for lunch and Mama said we had to let the frog go.

After a few tears (from Abby, not the frog - I'm sure he was just as upset about being let go from captivity as she was though), Zoe let the frog go. Into the garden...close enough so that we might just meet up again.

Or at least that's what they're hoping for.

And just for freedom's sake, here's a bit of proof that there was a bit of freedom in the midst of captivity for our little friend frog. He did get a bit of swimming on his own.

Of course, he was probably having a heart attack while doing it, but that's not the point. The point is we're not frog freaks who keep their frogs only in tiny boats in our dog's pool.

06/22/09 10:18 AM

Aunt Joy

It looks like you are having a fun summer! Frogs and all!

loce you

Aunt Joy

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