01/26/09 12:00 AM

The Beginning

Authored by Mom

I cannot believe it's been 9 years. It's been nine years.

NINE years.*

I cannot believe how quickly time flies - the hardships and the beauty of it all - make life fly by like the planes my brother-in-law used to fly. Fast, I tell you.

I am amazed at this man. He's strong and wonderful. He's good-looking and loving. He's wonderful in so many ways. (I'll only be sharing the non-private ones. You get your kicks elsewhere. *wink* )

I often wonder what I did to deserve this, to get ALL of this. I wonder a lot.

On this wonderful day, I think back to what it was like back then, trying to get everyone there on time, making sure the reception was decorated and the food was in place (we only had it a few hours you know), making everybody happy. Oh how I wish I would have known. The wedding isn't important. It's the marriage that makes it all count. Doesn't everybody know that?

Nine years ago, I married the most amazing wonderful man. I didn't know it at the time. Since then we've gone through, um...yeah, nearly everything (and the ones we haven't, we might encounter but for now let's keep it status quo) and while it's not all been perfect, it's been good.

I love celebrating our love. I love that man.

*Reprinted from a writing I made on October 24, 2007, when we celebrated 9 years.

My friend said this should be my first post in the new site my dear one was building for me. Here it is, rewritten, not as good as the first one, but with just as much desire and love.

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