04/26/09 09:52 PM

I was Never in a Gang

Authored by Mom

Got ya there didn't I?

So, nope never in a gang. And you can tell it by my spray painting knowledge. And technique.

The largest portion of the family went on an 11 mile bike ride/jog (with the 2 bigs riding their bikes with Dad running with Miss Abby in the jogging stroller) while Sam and I got some time to go to garage sales. I am not one to just go look for the sales but I had noticed signs for two neighborhood garage sales.

I'm not sure if I got a good deal or not. What do you think? All this....

my loot

for ....








Here are some more pictures:

We've got some candlesticks, a painted sentiment in a frame, a basket and the bulletin board peeking at the back.

Candlesticks looked old but for some reason I was drawn to the shape. Not sure if the spray paint will find it's way to them or not...

The pretty details on the lamp got me. I've been searching for some more lamps. Don't care for the lampshade but that will be changed soon enough.

Not showing are are the 2 cabinet doors and the bed headboard.

The small frame already looks different. It's been dismantled and the mat spray painted cream.

Ah, that brings me to my spray painting genius....er, um lack of spray painting genius.

Who knew that you had to do this when the wind wasn't blowing?

Who knew that so much stuff would blow into the painted piece and junk it up, making it a super sticking, bumpy mess?

Who knew that you had to hold the bottom down and the nozzle up?

Who knew that one needed to be quite careful to get good and even application otherwise uh, it looks crappy?

Who knows now? I'll bet you'll never guess.

I was never in a gang.

04/27/09 12:29 AM

Michele (Missy)

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Hey, Rachel! Looks like a great haul! I love to garage sale, but haven't in a long while. LOVED catching up on your blog. LOVE your photos, and your camera. Truly.

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