04/23/09 12:00 AM

OUR Earth Day

Authored by Mom

We had a fabulous Earth day. I'll start off by saying I do know about some mentioning 'mother earth, father sky' and the likes. I just want to teach my children to treat what we've been given well. I don't want them to take it for granted.

So....we had FUN! Don't have to have a holiday to have fun, but it always sounds better right?

I kept our plans a secret until right before we left. I can only handle so much of the following-me-like-a-puppy-dog treatment.

Mid-morning we took off for the park. We played...

We had snacks...

Sam with a silly grin...when isn't the boy silly?

He looked like this by the end.

We read books... Poetry shared among friends, it's the little joys in life.

We found entries for our nature journals. Abby was so excited with her new journal. She nearly refused to put it in the bag with the other items we were packing. I was eager to draw & write in mine as well.

nature journaling

Zoe draws what we think are wild onions...

We explored...

I remember loving this as a child. So glad she's found it too.

We went on a listening walk. Our listening walk was so full of lots of wonderful sounds.

Zoe's picture taking ability on our listening walk

I think we have cause to celebrate. Look up, to the skies, this is a beautiful place to be...

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