04/19/09 12:00 AM

Hold on Tight

Authored by Mom

Ah... the joys of a wooden tree swing. What is it about children and swinging that makes my heart smile. I could snap the camera fast enough.

We were invited to afternoon of eating, egg-hunting Easter fun with our church family. They just so happen to have some awesome trees in their backyard. Ours is sadly missing those mature trees that children want to climb, befriend, and sit in their canopy of shade. Not only did we have these beautiful trees, but there was even a tree swing.

All of the kiddos loved this.

Max flew so high and was having a blast!

Sam even had to try things out.

Get ready...

Get set...


The bigs can't do anything without Sam wanting to do it too. That includes swinging on a non-buckled tree swing. He We just have to hold on tight. He's taking us for a wild ride. But it's been so exciting so far.

Ready to fly...

04/27/09 08:29 AM

Kristina in Orlando

Leave Comment here... I love all of your pictures! Beautiful and the kids look as though they are loving the freedom of the swing.

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