04/11/09 12:00 AM

Broken Laptop = So Sad

Authored by Mom

I'm so sad today.

My laptop is broken.

On Friday, I was using it and it went BLACK.

I tried to get it back.

It was gone.


Sweet Dh came home and tried his computer CPR magic on it.

But it wasn't to be.

Bad hard drive he said.

I felt betrayed.

I was working on some posts....

They are gone.

So sad.

Sam is obviously quite overcome as well...

04/18/09 05:51 PM

Grandma McL-

It's great, and haven't even seen it all!

04/16/09 08:09 AM


.Poor Am is getting a bad wrap here. I wan tot see pictures on mom throwing a fit , not poor Sam. Uh and Mark - you need to make this font bigger, so some of us older people can see ehat we are typing! This is Too small for me to read.

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