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Living Lovely with Family - Yearly Edition

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This week's topic for Living Lovely with Family is yearly traditions with our families. Check out Heidi and her family at Mt. Hope Chronicles to see more great yearly traditions.

- One thing we do love is to celebrate our children and we enjoy making their birthday fun. We want it to be a day for them, about them, celebrating them. After we moved away from family and our larger base of friends, we started celebrating at home, with fewer people. Even though we only celebrate with our family now, we still try to make it a momentus time.

I like to make their cakes. We have fun decorating the house. And we Par-Tay!!

Abby's 4th birthday with her fairy cake

Max and Zoe made presents for Abby

- Mark likes to get fireworks for a 4th of July blast. There have been times when all of us are crouched inside watching the sparkles through a window. The kids are getting more brave every year.

doing his Dad duty with fire...getting ready to throw one

and it's off...

- Christmas is another time we enjoy celebrating. Our children get new pajamas the night before Christmas. One year Max cried and cried because the first gift of Christmas was a pair of pajamas. Since then, he's looked forward to seeing what he'll get to sleep in Christmas Eve night.

new Christmas pajamas 2008


After hitting publish, I realized that I'm missing so much on what we do with our family in an effort to finally get this up and running.

There are many other things we do around here, in the mushroom grove, that makes our family time so special.

- halloween is a fun time - we usually dress up, matching style - often with the MOM making the costumes

- Thanksgiving is at Dad's side of the family and it's fun to see extended family then, playing games, going on small-town walks, sharing and looking at old photos...and eating yummy fixins!

- New Year's Eve - soooooo much fun!! Mama makes everyone stay up until midnight, watching movies, with a table spread with enough food for a week, it's a tradition we've come to love and enjoy

What are some of your yearly traditions that make living with your family lovely?

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Heidi @ Mt Hope

Leave Comment here...That fairy cake is incredible. What a delight! Thanks for sharing again this week. You're welcome to add your link whenever it works for you.... there is no deadline. :) Did you know, though , that the link sends us to your original post on daily traditions? I just clicked on 'home' and then found your new post, which isn't a big deal. Just thought you might like to know. :)

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