03/26/09 12:00 AM

Living Lovely with Family - Here and There Edition

Authored by Mom

Heidi brings us another week of fun at Mt. Hope Chronicles with Living Lovely with Family, the Here and There Edition.

This week's focus is something we do at random, special treats, seasonal activities to make life lovely.

Life with 4 little ones is often pretty daily, but we do try to sneak in those random things. Isn't that what makes life exciting, fun, less scheduled and lovely? We do try to keep some seasonal excitement, too. It's what makes us go round.

Here are some of the things we try to do around our house:

~ We love taking trips to a local state park and hiking, going on the trails, seeing what treasures we can find. These are some of my absolute best days, literally. This place is beautiful.

we're all in there
There are many memories in this area. My husband and I have been here when we were dating, making all sorts of memories together. Then we've been now while we have our children.

Sam hanging out with Daddy

poor Zoe girl got this goose egg falling on wet rocks
Zoe got this bump welt goose egg on one of our expeditions. She still remembers it but I think the adventure was still a success.

Mama even gets in there sometimes

~ Another thing we like to do when the chance arises is what we've called a "One on One". It's a time for one of us to do something fun with one of our children, one on one. This doesn't happen often - it's obviously a special thing when we do.

The kids dream about what they'll do the next time their chance comes up ...

~ Once a year we head to the pumpkin patch. It's so much fun to ride the tractor, help the kids pick out their pumpkins, watch the kids, and take in the fall beauty. Usually we go to our favorite Chinese food restaurant either before or aftewards. We often go to our local state park (mentioned above) afterwards too.

Abby's pumpkin 2008

swinging Zoe
~ The kids love to play outside with Daddy. He's a blast! It doesn't happen daily and sometimes we're busy and it won't happen for weeks. Then sometimes during the summer, the outside fun goes on and on...

all of my boys - sweaty and happy

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