03/22/09 12:00 AM

I think I might make myself sick

Authored by Mom

I think I'm gonna make myself sick.

For about 3 weeks now I've been hoping,asking, begging, pleading dh to make his chocolate chip cookies. Yep, since my surgery, I've needed these sweet round brown chocolately discs full of love. Needed is not a strong enough word.

Today I was lounging in bed, on my new laptop (that he purchased for me :swoon: ) and he came bringing the gift of 3 roundish mounds of mushy goodness. The beginning of cookies...the dough that would turn into my brown love discs. Between my laptop, my retail therapy and my love mounds, I thought I might pass out.

So far I've eaten about 3 of the dreamy chocolate chip filled pieces of love. I've got 2 more on my plate.

I think I might could make myself sick....

tons of chocolate discs waiting to be loved

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