03/19/09 12:00 AM

Living Lovely with Family - Weekly

Authored by Mom

Week two of Living Lovely with Family over at Mt. Hope Chronicles. Heidi's having a fun party and I've so much enjoyed seeing what others are doing to connect with their family.

This week we're talking about connecting on a weekly basis. What is something we do on a weekly basis?

~ tea on Tuesdays - I started this a year or so ago. My children love this.
our table set for tea - complete with brownies and our reading selections...and eager kids too

We have tea*, along with something to eat. . .toast, biscuits, cookies, cakes… add in some soft music... I read to them, poetry, Bible stories, stories that stir up those character traits we long for, maybe just a story that has nothing to do with anything. We often have a small craft too, but not always. If the kids know its Tuesday they're asking for tea!

* "Tea" may be tea, hot cocoa, chocolate milk. . .we are enjoying ourselves and they are only little once. But generally it's some sort of tea. Honey anyone?

Connecting with my husband:

~ book/Bible/sharing time on Wednesday nights - we've done this before but never always stuck with it. I would like to get into a habit and then continue it but we never do....I'd like to start up again....anyone got a good book to read with my best friend?

I would like to do more on a weekly basis but so far this is all. I know that as our lives change and my children get a little older, we'll have more opportunities to make memories in many special ways.

What do you do to help connect with your family?

03/19/09 10:22 PM

Heidi @ Mt Hope

Leave Comment here...Your kids look like they are having so much fun with their tea time. I love that idea! I also need to have consistent date nights with my hubby. Maybe that will be the thing we add to our routine this next month. Thanks for joining in!

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