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Our Halloween::

Authored by Mom

I'll admit it... Halloween isn't my most favorite holiday. I haven't told my children, nor could anyone tell, by how I dress them up and how both of us go trick-or-treating with them. Oh I love dressing them up. It's fun to walk around the neighborhood. I love seeing others out in our neighborhood. There's just one small issue...

The going door-to-door begging for candy from strangers.

Yeah, as I've gained years, I just continue to find it more and more strange and sort of "what have we done to our children." But there would be mutiny in my house if I ever suggested not doing it. And so....

This year we went with the theme "what we want to be when we grow up." Every year we've done a theme and this year I was ready to throw it all to the birds, saying it was too much work, let's just run to our local superstore and get it all over with. Nope. Nada. Wouldn't work. There was no taking the easy route. They were having matching costumes whether I wanted it or not.

Unfortunately I waited too long to get the kids in their costumes and dark photos is all I got.

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This little guy was pretty exhausted after all of the walking and couldn't even carry his bucket at the end.

Our entire kitchen table was covered with candy.

This guy thought the best bubbles would come from chewing many pieces all at once. This is shoving in 4 pieces all at once. He *knew* that was be awesome.

...and this is the face trying to chew 4 hard pieces of gum, with 2 painful loose teeth. I think he forgot that point when he was hoarding the gum to chew!

We ended up having a super fun time, after having walked farther in our neighborhood than ever before and getting back later than ever before.

Now, what do we do with a ton of candy?!

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