10/22/12 05:04 PM

i have decided...

Authored by Mom

I have decided that I am no good at this stuff... this blogging. The thing is I'd love to keep an account of what I do here, how I spend my days, the special stuff, the way my family makes me feel and how I love them. BUT. But I'm spending more time with them than doing this. And I suppose that's really how it is supposed to be.

I'm not a judgment maker - never wanted to be and shouldn't be. I just can't figure out how everyone else does it... I'm glad that they do and that we're all different. But I realize now that my posts may be once every blue moon (to be exact about one every 2 months) and that's going to be o.k with me.

Remember mom of 4, ages 10 to 5 (that's me), you are having fun and making memories and doing what ought to be done. Please remember you are ENOUGH.

11/09/12 10:46 PM

Grandma McLean

All of it takes time. You're right about the action being more important than the writing, although I love hearing from you. I admit I am not very prompt in reading them sometimes. Love you. Their costumes look good!

10/22/12 10:01 PM


You ARE! And I love your posts, no matter how frequent (or infrequent) they are. : ) You are a great mom!

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