08/27/12 10:43 PM

Nature Study : Organically::

Authored by Mom

Our family loves nature. We love to be out in it. We love to study it. We enjoy hiking and being together and experiencing God's amazing world together.**

One of the big components of a Charlotte Mason education is nature study. I especially love it when it all happens naturally.

This last weekend we had a really nice big thunderstorm, sending us the very much needed rain. The thunder and the patter of raindrops sounded like music to my ears.

The morning after doesn't always have to be dreaded.... this time around the morning after was very much looked forward to by... my children. They were pretty sure Dad would take them out on an adventure, as he often does, when it's raining or has rained. He is probably the best dad I know and he loves getting wet with them, playing with them, spending countless hours playing games with them, praying for his children.

As early as they could, they made the short trip to our local [very small] creek in our neighborhood, hoping to find frogs. My Zoe girl loves frogs and she has been hoping for this day for months.

They came home with NOT frogs but.......


Yes, there were crawdads galore in their bucket. And they had babies!!

Separating them -- the ones with babies and the ones without. My dear son wouldn't touch them so he had to use the plastic garden rake.* *No crawdads were injured in the making of this experience. Or at least not intentionally.

- The Separating Process - Mostly Samalicious stayed at a healthy distance and watched.

Oh and did I mention there were LoTS of babies? Oh how I love me some babies! But I'm not sure that baby crawdads qualify. Still they were there...

See all of the bumps on the back end? Yep, babies.

Need another look?

It was after they started picking them up to put them in the bucket that they learned there were babies.

After the sorting was done, the "hands on" learning occurred, it was then that Max wanted to know what crawdads ate so we could feed them of course.

So during a brief trip to our local in-the-middle of the city creek, we had nature study, unplanned, but very fun and so much learning.

Unfortunately we found out very much hands on that crawdads like their natural environment, not the very "clean" water coming from the tap nor being drowned in it. Sadly we had some very still creatures by the evening.

**the amount of times (and severity) that we've been plagued with poison ivy rashes should tell everyone how much we enjoy being outside... I'd just love it if we could stay away from the stuff

11/09/12 10:52 PM

Grandma McLean

Very interesting! Why did those with babies and those without need to be separated. Great learning. I love the way you expressed the results of too much handling. I imagine they liked their own habitat because they had more control over how much water they were in and their surroundings.

08/31/12 09:11 PM


I think I'm with Sam. Those babies are a little freaky! ; )

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