07/04/12 11:26 PM

July 4th 2012 :: Happy Birthday America

Authored by Mom

Love the country I live in.

Love the family I'm living with.

We spent the day together...

- played games, 15 according to Max

- built a fire for hot dogs

- climbed a haybale (and did our best to push it over...)

and we couldn't live without...

- treats


- fireworks!!


sparkler fun...

So so proud of my sweet girl with the sensitive ears who was so afraid of the noises from the fireworks. She really wasn't sure that she wanted to do the sparklers and in the end, she had so much fun.

I think this must have been a dance.

At the end of a {very} long day, I felt like smiling from ear to ear... thankful for my really colorful day. I'm so thankful I get to spend it here, with these 5 people.

07/08/12 11:16 AM


I love these pictures!

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