04/30/12 12:22 AM

Weekend Randomness (Late) - Edition 4

Authored by Mom

1 - Went to Woolly Weekend with our good friends on Friday and now I cannot stop finger knitting. It's addicting and oh so fun.*

2 - Community with old friends and new is so fun. I loved participating in an online (and real life!) women's conference Friday and Saturday. So powerful and wonderful and words spoken in truth. I cried and I prayed and I listened and I ate and I learned. Check out more here: http://www.incourage.me/

3 - My husband is amazing. Watching our children. Playing with them. Providing for our family. Loving me well. Working so hard. Painting half of the house in a few hours on a Saturday, with all 4 children and me gone to a women's conference. My husband rocks and I have the tshirt to show it.*

4 - I hate it when friends move away but so happy for them to begin a new adventure.

5 - Looking forward to putting up something new for our family to enjoy.*

6 - I realized something in the last 6 months. I hate to even share it because I know you'll be so jealous. I like doing laundry. Don't hate me. It's just how the pile is so big, so dirty, so mountainous, all wrinkled and cast off and it can made all clean, folded neatly, cared for. (now dishes.... oh they slay me... help me)

*Pictures to come.

05/02/12 11:10 PM


I love laundry, too! It doesn't take long to make a gross pile all nice and neat and good-smelling and you can tell you accomplished something. Swiffering? Um, no.

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